10 Games Like Remnant 2 If You’re Looking for Something Similar

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Remnant 2 has proven to be a massive hit since launch, and players are scouring the game to find all the secrets. While the game is rather unique, players who are finishing it up and looking to move on to the next game have quite a few options. We have gathered a list of video games similar to Remnant 2 that might scratch a similar itch.

Remnant: From the Ashes

Remnant: From The Ashes
Image Source: Gunfire Games

This one might feel a little bit like an obvious choice, but there’s a definite chance that not everyone was aware of the first one before the sequel blew up. There’s a decent amount of crossover between the two games, as the Ward 13 characters are in both.

While certain aspects aren’t present (only two rings equipped at a time), the games play similarly enough that one who enjoyed the sequel can pick up the original without problems. If you happen to pick up the DLC as well, there’s a terrific roguelike mode that the sequel will hopefully get at some point.

Immortal: Unchained

Immortal: Unchained
Image Source: Toadman Interactive

Following the success of the Souls-borne genre, Immortal: Unchained was one of the first games to adapt the melee-based mechanics into a third-person shooter. This early attempt does mean there are some kinks, but the game still provides a great approximation of the formula.

If Dark Souls with guns is your main focus after experiencing what Remnant 2 had to offer, this is a solid choice. Plus, it carries forth the equipped melee weapon, so you can mix it up with enemies in close quarters if you want.

Scars Above

Scars Above
Image Source: Mad Head Games Via Twinfinite

Scars Above follows the story of Kate Ward, who suddenly awakens on an alien ecosystem after her ship was drawn into a strange space construct. Now, while in this unusual world, Kate must figure out where the rest of her crew went.

This game, while still similarly a third-person shooter with souls-like aspects, does differ from the formula. For one, there aren’t really collectible weapons. Rather, players will gain elemental enhancements that reconfigure the base gun’s model. It still offers tense boss fights and plenty of exploration, though.


Image Source: Massive Work Studio Via Twinfinite

Dolmen is yet another third-person shooter souls-like, but it offers a different experience from the above. Instead of focusing only on shooting with a melee option, Dolmen is more ambidextrous about playstyle. If you want to use a great pistol but have the option to swing a melee weapon, it allows it.

In this game, your weapons and healing are governed by your energy pool. This means that healing yourself and shooting use the same resources, so a good portion of the time, you will avoid shooting in order to increase survivability.

Risk of Rain 2

Risk Of Rain 2
Image Source: Hopoo Games

While the above are all Souls-likes, Risk of Rain 2 is completely different. Embracing roguelike gameplay instead, you are led through a series of maps as the game gets progressively harder based on time played. Every area includes a boss fight that players choose when to summon.

Risk of Rain 2 features a massive amount of power-ups to utilize in fighting off enemies as they only get stronger. Things like mushrooms that heal you when you stand still for a certain amount of time or a dagger that causes bleeding. The best part is that power-ups are cosmetic, so you can easily see what co-op partners have equipped.


Image Source: Housemarque

Returnal might be one of the games most like Remnant 2 on the list, as some of the guns have a similar feel. You play as Selene, a crashed pilot on an alien world that keeps resetting upon her death. There is a bevy of weapons to find from chests or dead enemies. This game is also a roguelike that offers a randomized experience every run.

A recent update even added in co-op so players can experience Selene’s horrors with a friend. Considering the co-op is one of the best parts of both Remnant 2 games, this is a reasonable next game to pick.

Dark Souls

Dark Souls
Image Source: From Software

If you played through and enjoyed Remnant 2 without ever having played the game(s) that started it all, it might be time to change that. If you played through Remnant 2 on Survivor difficulty, then it’s possible there will be a bit of a difficulty spike with Dark Souls (depending on which one you play). There are bows, so it’s not like it’s only melee focused, but they aren’t always an accessible option during boss fights.

This recommendation is also for players who love the mechanic of using boss rewards to craft boss-related weapons. That mechanic first started with Dark Souls and is once again a definite way to get great gear and celebrate the bosses you enjoy most.

The Surge

The Surge
Image Source: Deck13

While a definite Dark Souls clone, The Surge carves its own path using similar mechanics. In The Surge, you are Warren, a new employee heading into his first day of work. Unfortunately, this is the same day that things fall apart, and the workers and drones are now entirely hostile.

These games are terrific in that you don’t have to wait around for specific drops from enemies. Instead, Warren can cut off an enemy body part and gain that piece of armor. If you really like an enemy’s headpiece? One quick chop during combat, and you can have the schematic to make it.

The Division 2

The Division 2
Image Source: Ubisoft

If you like the openness of Remnant 2 but wouldn’t mind a more looter shooter base, The Division 2 is what you want. While other entries can be any of the games in the series, there’s no reason to go back and play the first Division when the sequel does everything better.

The Division 2 takes players to Washington D.C., which is controlled by several rival factions. As a Division agent (basically, sleeper cops that are activated in extreme scenarios), it is your job to assist in clearing them out. There are plenty of weapons to loot to fit whatever playstyle you might enjoy.

Immortal Redneck

Immortal Redneck
Image Source: Crema

As the lone first-person shooter on this list, Immortal Redneck is an excellent option if you want another roguelike. The titular redneck has been somehow brought to ancient Egypt. To figure it out and maybe get home, they must challenge three pyramids. Each is procedurally generated and offers a different threat.

Players can collect scrolls and weapons to augment their abilities and hopefully take on the boss of each dungeon. There are nine classes to pick from, all representing a different Egyptian deity. These can do things like give you additional jumps, movement speed, or defense.

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